How to Get a Taxi at Edinburgh Airport

How to Get a Taxi at Edinburgh Airport

Getting a taxi at Edinburgh Airport is the most convenient way to get to your destination in the city. Taxis are readily available 24/7 outside the terminal and can take you directly to your hotel, home, or business meeting. With luggage in tow, taking a taxi removes the hassle of navigating public transport or driving yourself. This comprehensive guide will provide all the information you need to successfully get a taxi at Edinburgh Airport.

How to Get a Taxi at Edinburgh Airport

Overview of Taxi Options at Edinburgh Airport

There are two main types of taxis available for hire at Edinburgh Airport:

Black Cabs:

Black Cabs

Also known as Hackney Carriages, these are the traditional taxis that can be hailed on the street. At the airport, they are white in color but operate just like regular black cabs. They can accommodate up to 5 passengers.

Private Hire Cars:

Private Hire Cars

Also referred to as minicabs, these must be pre-booked. They include a range of vehicle types from standard 4-seater cars to 8-seater minibusses to accommodate larger groups and luggage requirements.

Both black cabs and private hire cars are licensed by the City of Edinburgh Council and undergo regular vehicle inspections. All drivers must pass background checks as well. This ensures passenger safety and reliability.

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How to Find a Taxi at Edinburgh Airport

Taxis are conveniently located on the ground floor of the multi-story car park directly opposite the main terminal building. There are two main options for securing a taxi:

Taxi Rank: A taxi rank with black cabs is available 24/7. Simply join the queue and take the next available cab. This is the most straightforward option. During peak times the wait can be up to 30 minutes.

Pre-Booked Pickup: Many companies allow you to pre-book a private hire car or black cab in advance. Pre-booked vehicles will be waiting in the clearly marked pickup area to meet you. This ensures you skip any taxi queue and get on your way rapidly.

Pro Tip: Pre-booking a private hire car usually works out cheaper than the metered fare for a black cab, especially for longer trips. Many companies offer fixed-rate fares too. So it pays to compare taxi quotes and book in advance when possible.

How Much Does an Edinburgh Airport Taxi Cost?

How Much Does an Edinburgh Airport Taxi Cost?

Taxi fares from Edinburgh Airport depend on the type of taxi chosen and the distance traveled. Here are some sample fares to popular destinations:

  • To Edinburgh City Centre (10 miles)
    • Black Cab: £30-£40
    • Private Hire Car: £25-£35
  • To Glasgow City Centre (45 miles)
    • Black Cab: £70-£90
    • Private Hire Car: £55-£70
  • To St Andrews (55 miles)
    • Black Cab: £85-£110
    • Private Hire Car: £65-£85

As you can see, private hire cars are around 25% cheaper than black cabs. Fixed-rate fares are also usually lower than the taxi meter.

For black cabs, fares are strictly regulated by the city council. A taxi fare table is used to calculate the initial hire, per-mile rate, and waiting time. Surcharges may apply for additional passengers, late-night travel, etc.

Private hire fares are set by each operator so it pays to compare quotes. Be sure to get a fixed price quote if traveling outside Edinburgh limits. Most have online fare calculators to provide an estimate for your trip.

Booking an Edinburgh Airport Taxi in Advance

Booking an Edinburgh Airport Taxi in Advance

Pre-booking a private hire taxi in advance is highly recommended, especially if traveling at peak times. Here are some key benefits:

  • Skip the taxi queue - Your driver will be waiting to meet you in the pickup area
  • Cheaper pricing - Fixed rates are usually cheaper than the taxi meter
  • Meet & greet service - Drivers can assist with luggage to the vehicle
  • Travel in comfort - Choose the right vehicle size and features for your party
  • Pay online - Many operators allow online payment when booking in advance

You can book Edinburgh Airport taxis through:

  • Directly with taxi/minicab firms - There are over 40 licensed operators, including City Cabs, Central Taxis, and Edinburgh City Private Hire. Many offer online bookings and quotes.
  • Comparison sites - Compare prices and book from multiple companies on sites like Welcome Pickups and Holiday Taxis.
  • Hotel concierge - If staying at a hotel in Edinburgh, ask the concierge to arrange a taxi on your behalf.

When booking, have your flight details, destination address, and taxi requirements on hand. Most operators have mobile apps for booking too.

Top Tip: Avoid calling for a taxi transfer as you exit the terminal as lengthy queues can build up. Book well in advance or upon arrival in the baggage claim area.

Private Hire Cars vs. Black Cabs from Edinburgh Airport

Here's a comparison of private hire cars and black cabs to consider when booking your Edinburgh Airport taxi:

 Private Hire CarsBlack Cabs
Pre-bookingRequiredNot required
PaymentCash, card, onlineCash, card
FaresFixed price, meteredMetered only
VehiclesCars, minibusesLondon-style cabs
Luggage roomMedium to highMedium
AssistanceOptionalUpon request

Key factors to think about are your budget, group size, and any specific needs like disability access. Black cabs line up first at the taxi rank while private hire cars will pick you up in a separate area.

Other Ways to Get to Edinburgh City From the Airport

Taxis provide the most convenient and comfortable way to get from Edinburgh Airport to the city center. However, there are a few other public transport options:

  • Airlink Bus:
Airlink Bus

  • Express bus service that takes around 30 minutes to reach Edinburgh city center. Buses depart every 10 minutes during peak times.

  • Edinburgh Trams
Edinburgh Trams

  • The Journey takes 35 minutes directly into the city center. Trams depart every 7 minutes at peak times.

  • Lothian Buses -
Lothian Buses

  •  Local bus services with various routes to central Edinburgh and surrounding suburbs. Takes around 45 minutes.

  • Park & Ride -
Park & Ride

  •  Park at Ingliston and use the tram or bus into the city center from there. Cheaper airport parking rates.

  • Rental Car
Rental Car

  • Useful for those planning onward journeys outside the city by car. Cheaper than taxis for longer trips.

While cheaper, these options involve more changes, time, and luggage. Taxis provide door-to-door convenience.

Booking Your Return Taxi to Edinburgh Airport

Taxis are also the preferred way to get back to Edinburgh Airport when your trip ends. Here are some tips for booking your return airport transfer:

  • Allow plenty of time - Book your taxi for at least 2-3 hours before your scheduled flight departure. This gives a buffer for traffic delays.
  • Provide flight details - Inform the operator of your flight number and departure time when booking.
  • Pick a central location - Choose a well-known city center landmark as the collection point for your taxi.
  • Get a quote - Verify expected fares for the return journey when booking.
  • Pay any extras - Cover fare for the return journey, waiting time, and tolls/surcharges upfront.
  • Confirm on the day - Call the taxi company to reconfirm a few hours before pickup.
  • Check-in online - If possible, skip check-in queues by checking in online and printing your boarding pass before leaving.

Booking your taxi return in advance removes the hassle and stress of getting to the airport for your flight home. You can relax knowing your taxi is booked and paid for.

Handling Luggage When Taking a Taxi at Edinburgh Airport

One of the big advantages of taking a taxi from Edinburgh Airport is having help with your luggage. Here are some tips for the smooth handling of bags:

  • Pack light and use suitcases with wheels if possible - makes moving luggage easier
  • For bulky items consider shipping gear like golf clubs etc. in advance
  • If possible, book a bigger taxi like an estate car or minibus to fit lots of luggage
  • Ask for assistance with bags when booking your minicab transfer
  • At the pickup point, the driver can help load luggage into the vehicle
  • Tip your driver if they help with many heavy bags
  • For extra peace of mind, some companies offer luggage insurance
  • Check you have all your bags before exiting the taxi at your destination

Travelling light is always easiest but if you do have lots of luggage, a taxi ensures it is transported safely and securely to your end destination.

Tips for Getting a Taxi at Edinburgh Airport

Follow these top tips for a smooth airport taxi experience in Edinburgh:

  • Pre-book in advance - you'll avoid queues and may get cheaper fixed rates
  • For black cabs, go to the front of the queue if you need disabled or baby facilities
  • Carry small change - drivers appreciate exact cash fares and may not have change for large notes
  • Wait indoors - the pickup area has waiting rooms and displays indicating your taxi's arrival
  • Note the company name & car details - double check you enter the correct booked vehicle
  • Load bags then get seated first before the taxi departs (for safety)
  • Inform of any special requirements upfront - baby seats, disability access, etc
  • Provide flight details if booking a return airport transfer
  • Be ready on time for your return pickup - delays risk missing your flight
  • Tip for good service but tipping is optional

By following these tips you'll avoid common pitfalls and have an efficient taxi experience to or from Edinburgh Airport.

Read this Glasgow Airport parking guide for parking tips at another Scottish airport.

Edinburgh Airport Taxi FAQs

How much is a taxi from Edinburgh Airport to the city center?

The fare from the airport to central Edinburgh is around £25-£35 in a private hire car or £35-£45 in a black cab depending on traffic. The distance is approximately 10 miles between Edinburgh Airport and the city center.

Can I pre-book a taxi at Edinburgh Airport in advance?

Yes, pre-booking an airport taxi in advance is highly recommended. Most Edinburgh taxi companies and comparison sites allow online or phone reservations 24 hours a day. You can book anytime from weeks to minutes before your required pickup time.

Where do I find taxis at Edinburgh Airport?

Taxis are located on the ground floor of the multi-story car park opposite the main terminal building. Black cabs line up in the taxi rank while private hire cars will be waiting in the clearly marked pre-booked pickup area. Follow the signs from arrivals.

How long does it take to get from Edinburgh Airport to the city center by taxi?

The journey time can vary depending on traffic but expect a taxi to take around 25-35 minutes from the airport terminals to central Edinburgh. At peak times in rush hour or during the Edinburgh Festival, the taxi ride may take slightly longer.

Is it easy to get a wheelchair-accessible taxi in Edinburgh?

Yes, many operators can provide wheelchair-accessible taxis for disabled passengers. When booking, request a wheelchair-adapted vehicle and inform them if you need help with boarding. Liverpool-style black cabs have foldout ramps to aid boarding.

Is there a taxi rank at Edinburgh Airport?

Yes, there is a taxi rank located on the ground floor of the multi-story car park opposite the Edinburgh Airport terminal building. The taxi rank has a line of white Edinburgh black cabs available 24/7. During peak times, there may be queues of up to 30 minutes at the airport taxi rank.

Get a Taxi from Edinburgh Airport with Ease

We hope this guide has provided all the key information you need to successfully get a taxi at Edinburgh Airport for your onward travels.

Taxis offer a door-to-door, hassle-free way to reach your end destination with speed and comfort. Pre-booking a private hire taxi in advance is highly recommended and enables you to skip taxi queues while potentially saving money too.

Black cabs can simply be hailed at the airport taxi rank for convenience. Whichever taxi option you choose, allocate plenty of time to get to the airport for your return flight and provide flight details when booking your cab.

Edinburgh Airport taxis offer the perfect way to start and end your travels with minimum fuss. Follow our tips outlined above for a seamless airport taxi experience. Get your journey off to a great start by booking your cab in advance today!


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