Getting a Taxi at Luton Airport: What You Need to Know

Getting a Taxi at Luton Airport: What You Need to Know

Luton Airport is one of the major UK airports serving the London area. Located just over 30 miles north of central London, this busy airport handles over 16 million passengers every year. If you live in London or are visiting from another country, it's essential to know the most efficient taxi service for traveling to and from Luton Airport.


One of the most popular and convenient ways to reach Luton Airport is by taxi. Luton Airport taxis provide a fast and direct route to or from the airport terminals. In this comprehensive guide, we'll cover everything you need to know about booking and riding in a taxi at Luton Airport.

Can You Get a Taxi at Luton Airport?

The good news is yes, there are plenty of taxis available at Luton Airport that provide Luton airport transfer services. You'll find designated taxi ranks located right outside each terminal building.

Luton Airport has two operating terminals: Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. Both terminals have their own covered taxi waiting area just a short walk from the arrivals exit. This is where you can catch one of the hundreds of licensed London black cabs and private hire taxis that serve the airport.

During peak times, there may be a queue for taxis. But the wait is rarely longer than 20-30 minutes due to the frequent circulation of taxis. If you have lots of luggage, you can skip the queue by booking an airport transfer service in advance (more on that later).

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Taxi Pickup Locations at Luton Airport

Wondering exactly where to find taxis at Luton Airport? Here are the designated taxi ranks at each terminal:

Terminal 1 Taxi Rank

After exiting through Customs and Arrivals, turn right and follow signs for 'Rail and Taxi' down the short covered walkway. Go down the escalator and you'll see the sheltered Taxi Rank straight ahead.

Terminal 2 Taxi Rank

On arrival, head straight out through the exit. The Taxi Rank is to your immediate left, just a 20-second walk from the terminal exit doors.

The ranks at both terminals provide shelter from the elements along with benches, toilets, and food/drink vending machines. If you've pre-booked an airport transfer or private hire taxi, head to one of the meeting points located beside the ranks. There are also waiting areas here for app-based rideshares like Uber.

In case your flight is late, every taxi driver is trained to monitor your arrival timing. So provide the driver with your flight number and official timing.

Pro tip: If queues at the terminal taxi ranks are long, consider walking 5 minutes to the taxi waiting area beside the Luton Airport Parkway rail station. This alternate taxi rank has much less foot traffic from airport arrivals.

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Uber and Other Rideshares at Luton Airport

In addition to traditional airport taxi services, you can also book on-demand rides through Uber, Bolt, and other rideshare apps at Luton Airport.

After requesting your ride within the app, head to the designated rideshare meeting points located next to the taxi ranks at each terminal. Wait for your assigned driver to arrive and notify you - they'll be there within minutes of your request.

Rideshares are usually cheaper than standard metered taxi fares, especially if you take UberX or other budget options. The downside is that rideshares don't offer fare quotes upfront like taxi companies. Surge pricing may also apply during peak demand times.

Taxi Rates from Luton Airport

So how much can you expect to pay for a taxi from Luton Airport? Taxi fares are metered based on the distance traveled and any toll fees incurred. Here are some average fare estimates:

  • Luton Airport to Central London - £100-£110
  • Luton Airport to Heathrow Airport - £85-£95
  • Luton Airport to Watford - £45-£55
  • Luton Airport to St Albans - £25-£35
  • Luton Airport to Stansted Airport - £48.80+

The final metered fare can vary depending on traffic conditions and the exact route taken. Expect to pay more if you get stuck in rush hour congestion or take a more indirect route.

Taxi fares typically increase by 20-50% between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. due to night rates. Always confirm the fare estimate with your driver before departing from Luton Airport.

You can also get fixed price quotes in advance when booking through a private taxi or airport transfer service - more on that next.

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Booking a Private Luton Airport Taxi Transfer

While you can just show up and wait in the taxi queue, pre-booking an airport transfer in advance has some nice benefits:

  • No waiting in long taxi lines
  • Fixed fare quote for your trip
  • Meet and greet service on arrival
  • Late-model vehicles with plenty of room for luggage

Simply provide your flight details and local contact information when making a booking. Your driver will then meet you inside the terminal with a sign for easy identification. This is especially helpful when arriving at an unfamiliar airport.

Many Luton Airport taxi companies offer bookings through an online form or mobile app. You can choose your vehicle type, get a fare estimate, and pay securely online. Some transfer services even monitor flight statuses so drivers arrive on time, even if your flight is delayed.

For affordable fares along with a reliable and comfortable Luton Airport taxi booking experience, we recommend Airport Transfers UK.

Why Airport Transfers UK is the Best Luton Airport Taxi Option

Airport Transfers UK connects you with licensed taxi and private car services around London Luton Airport and all major UK airports.

With Airport Transfers UK, passengers can book a Luton Airport taxi quickly online and travel with confidence knowing:

  • Fares up to 30% lower than standard taxi metered rates
  • Free meet and greet at the terminal by professional drivers
  • No hidden fees and upfront fixed price quotes
  • 24/7 customer service for trip support
  • Secure online payment options include credit/debit card and PayPal
  • Online booking confirmation

Whether traveling solo, as a family, or in a large group, Airport Transfers UK has the right Luton Airport taxi solution. Choose from vehicles including:

  • Economical 4-seater cars
  • Spacious 6-seater minivans
  • Luxurious Mercedes 8-seater cars

With direct transfers to and from Luton Airport available around the clock, Airport Transfers UK is the smartest way to start and end your journey.

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Other Transportation Options from Luton Airport

Beyond taxis and private cars, a few other transportation choices from Luton Airport include:

  • The Luton Airport Shuttle bus provides affordable transfers to Luton and other local towns.
  • National Express coaches run direct routes to central London Victoria coach station.
  • The Luton Airport Parkway train station is connected directly to the terminal by a walkway bridge. Frequent trains go to London St Pancras International and other stations.

While trains and buses serve Luton Airport, the fastest and most direct route is by taxi or pre-booked airport transfer service. This avoids having to change transports or sit in heavy traffic.

Summary - Getting a Taxi at Luton Airport

Hopefully, this guide has helped answer all your key questions about taxis and transfers to/from Luton Airport. Here are some final tips:

  • Metered black cabs and private hire taxis are readily available via taxi ranks at both Luton Airport terminals
  • Pre-booking an airport transfer service ensures a smooth arrival with no waiting and a fixed fare quote
  • For affordable fares and high-quality service, we highly recommend Airport Transfers UK for your Luton Airport taxi booking
  • Consider the Luton Airport Shuttle bus or rail connections if you want to save money and don't mind longer journey times

With its quick access to central London and convenient taxi services, Luton Airport makes getting around a breeze. Move seamlessly to or from your flight by booking a reliable London Luton airport taxi service in advance. Have a great trip!


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